What is OdooPBX

OdooPBX is a telephony platform built upon Odoo & Asterisk using Nameko microservices as a middleware layer.

  • Odoo (former OpenERP / TinyERP) is a modern WEB business platform that rapidly spreads over the world.

  • Asterisk PBX is the most popular open source PBX software.

  • Nameko is a microservice framework for Python, that is focused on business logic, distributed, scalable and extensible.

Odoo as a business platform comes with a plenty of ready to use business oriented modules like CRM, Projects, Warehouse, Sales, Events, Website and much more.

OdooPBX adds a layer of telephony to these business modules and thus integrates close telephone communication with the places where it takes place.

Finally, a special middleware Agent is used to connect Odoo and Asterisk together in a special way.

The Agent itself is built upon the Nameko framework and performs the following functions:

  • Forwards Asterisk AMI events to Odoo according to the downloaded events map.

  • Executes Asterisk AMI actions received from Odoo.

  • Protects Asterisk from DDoS and password bruteforce attacks (optionally).

  • Provides a backend part for a WEB based Asterisk CLI (optionally).

OdooPBX modules

As OdooPBX is based on Odoo it has modular architecture.

The main module is named Asterisk Plus and it is inherited by all other OdooPBX modules.

Other modules add some integration between Asterisk Plus module and different Odoo components. For example, Asterisk Plus CRM app requires CRM module to be installed and brings the integration of CRM and telephony.

Currently the following modules are available:

  • Asterisk Plus CRM

  • Asterisk Plus Helpdesk

  • Asterisk Plus Sale

  • Asterisk Plus HR

  • Asterisk Plus Project