Quick StartΒΆ

This guide will help you to setup everything running inside Docker containers. So install docker and docker-compose, refer to oficial documentation for help.


Minimum 2GB RAM is required

Create odoopbx directory, put inside docker-compose.yml from https://github.com/odoopbx/agent and run docker-compose:

mkdir odoopbx
cd odoopbx
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/odoopbx/agent/master/docker/docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up -d odoo asterisk agent

You may check with docker-commpose ps if everything is ok.

Odoo listens at port 8072 by default. Point your browser to http://your.server.address:8072 and enter admin/admin as username/password.

Navigate to Apps menu in the top-left and search for asterisk in the search-box. Choose Asterisk Plus and press Install button.

Asterisk Plus module adds PBX menu into top-left button. All our PBX stuff lives here.

Navigate to Settings -> Server, press Minion Ping, Asterisk Ping buttons to check connectivity with Agent and Asterisk.