Asterisk Plus

This article explains how to install Asterisk Plus Odoo addon from OdooPBX.

Install the addon in Odoo

First, download the addon from the Odoo market.

Install the addon as any other Odoo module, refer to Odoo documentation for details if needed.

Install python requirements

Install python dependancy libraries with command:

pip3 install humanize phonenumbers

If you use make sure you have requirements.txt file in your modules top folder containing:


So that can install the required dependencies.

If you use python virtualenv make sure you install the requirements there and not system wide.

Odoo version 10 uses python2, so use command pip instead of pip3.

Get your Registration code

Go to PBX -> Settings -> Billing, update your instance settings and click GET REGISTRATION CODE button.

You must receive an email with subject [OdooPBX] Registration code to the address specified as admin’s email with the registration code.

Enter your instance registration code and click SUBMIT REGISTRATION button.

Make sure your WEB Base URL is correctly set as this is the address where the Asterisk Plus agent and billing accounting connect.

Check this short manual for more information: Register_your_Odoo_instance.

Update your Payment Profile

In order to start using Asterisk Plus you must enter your billing details by clicking on PAYMENT PROFILE button.

First specify your address and after that enter your payment source.

After that click on the SUBSCRIBE button to create your subscription.

Check this manual for more information: Updating_Payment_Profile_and_Subscribing_to_a_product.

Next you should proceed with Asterisk Plus Agent installation.