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This guide is explaining some configuration settings usefull during developement process.

This page is a placeholder for future tips and tricks, developement environment setup instructions to ease start-off for new developers in our team.

Configuration options useful for debug and developement

odoo_trace_rpcFalseMake odoo_connector log RPC requests to Odoo and responses received
ami_trace_actionsFalseMake asterisk_ami log Action sent to Asterisk through AMI. Can be a list of actions or True to log all actions.
odoo_trace_amiFalseMake asterisk_ami log all Event sent to Odoo
ami_ping_interval10interval in seconds between Ping actions sent to Asterisk. Nice to set it e.g. 10000 during developement.
connector_bus_enabledTrueif False Odoo long_polling mechanism is disabled. HTTP(S) method for connecting agent is still available.
odoo_raise_exceptionsFalseRaise python Exceptions when it occures.