PBX Users

PBX Users are Odoo users connected to Asterisk channels and extensions.


This mapping is used in the following cases:

  • When Odoo user clicks to call a number on a form - the system must know which SIP user channel to dial in order to connect the call.

  • When call events come into Odoo it must decide which user is related to the event.

Odoo user can have multiple channels defined for him. In a typical scenario user has a hardware deskphone and also a softphone with a headset.

Normally user receives incoming calls on his desk phone.

But when a user wants to make a series of calls to partners it’s much handy to use a headset and click to dial function instead of manual phone number dialing.

Let’s review channel settings:


Asterisk channel, e.g. SIP/101 or SIP/mypeername


Asterisk context to use to place the outgoing call. In FreePBX related systems it is usually from-internal. Some other systems define individual context for each user.


If Originate slider is on the channel will be used on click to dial operation. Usually when user a deskphone and a softphone only softphone channel has Originate enabled so that when click to dial is used the deskphone does not ring.

Auto-answer header

Auto answer is a very important business feature.

When click to dial is used to originate call to a partner Asterisk first makes a call to user (1-st call leg) and after user answered his phone the 2-nd call leg is originated to the partner number.

It is possible to auto answer the 1-st call leg using special channel headers. Different phones use different headers.

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