Asterisk Server


  • Test and Asterisk ping - to check the connection between Odoo and Asterisk use these buttons.


Asterisk system account


During the installation process a new odoo account is created named asterisk1 with default password asterisk1.

This account is used by the Agent to connect to your Odoo instance. Don’t use this account for anything else!

Though the permissions of this Asterisk user account are very limited (it belongs to the Portal group) it is strictly recommended to change the default password of this account after installation is finished (don’t forget to update odoo_password setting on the Agent).

You can change the password of the Asterisk account by entering a new value in the Password field.

Country settings and timezone

It is important to set the correct country for the Asterisk server because it is required to correctly process caller ID numbers that usually come in local format.

Internally all partner numbers in Odoo are stored in E.164 format. So country settings are used to correctly transform numbers from local to E.164 format.

Also server’s timezone must be correctly set in order to correctly process times in calls.