SIP phone connection troubleshooting

Host & Port

When you can’t connect your SIP client to Asterisk make sure that you are using the correct protocol and port.

The default port used for SIP is 5060.

When connecting to a server that is listening on port 5060 you don’t need to specify your username with a port, for example

In case a non-standard port is used, like 5062 you need to specify the port while configuring your SIP credentials:


Make sure the credentials are correct.

When using Asterisk Base app the credentials for connecting your SIP client are available on the Applications -> Peers page. The fields SIP name will be the username and SIP Secret the password.

Security ban

Make sure your IP address is not blocked by our agent.

If you have introduced incorrect credentials in your SIP client your IP address will be added into the blacklist after a failed registration attempt.

Go to Reports -> Banned and click on the Refresh button to check if your IP address has been banned. If you find your IP address there, click on the Plus button next to it to add it to the whitelist.

You can also go to Applications -> Security to add your IP address to the whitelist initially.

In this case your IP address will always be accepted by Asterisk.

Peers syncronized

Check that the peers that are created in Odoo were propagated to Asterisk.

If you have created your peers and didn’t click on the Apply Changes button it will be impossible for the created peers to register.

Go to Applications -> Files and check that there are no files when the Updated filter is applied.