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Server startup .conf files update settings

Update .conf files

The Update .conf files feature is defines what happens when Agent or Asterisk is started or restarted.

This feature was developed to enable asterisk auto provisioning.

Update direction

The default setting for Update Direction is Odoo -> Asterisk that means the following. When the Agent or Asterisk is started all .conf files from the server are fetched from Odoo. By this when you do not have to do any Asterisk configuration as it is provisioned from Odoo.

Initial Update Done

Immediately after Asterisk Base module installation the Initial Update Done option is not set.

So immediately after the Agent is connected to Odoo for the 1-st time it gets all /etc/asterisk/*.conf files and sends all of them to Odoo also setting Initial Update Done flag.

Conf Update screenshot

Integration with FreePBX / Other PBX distros

When only Asterisk Base is used to manage your Asterisk server the default settings for .conf update are fine.

But in case with FreePBX and other PBX distribution it may create a conflict or misconfiguration. If some .conf file is updated by another management tool (or just manually edited) Odoo will not have the latest .conf file version.

So with default settings next time the Agent or Asterisk is started Odoo will send the outdated .conf file to Asterisk and apply it.

So when other tools are used to manage Asterisk .conf files it’s recommended to disable Update .conf files feature.

Integration with FreePBX example

Asterisk Base is quite compatible with FreePBX or any other distribution. The configuration files generated by Asterisk Base all have _odoo_ as a prefix in its name. For example for SIP the only change that is made is adding the following line to sip.conf:

#tryinclude odoo_sip_peers.conf

And all the peers configured inside Odoo will be available to the Asterisk instance managed by FreePBX. Freepbx does not usually overwrite sip.conf every time changes are submitted.

Also FreePBX does not keep sip.conf in its database, working with /etc/asterisk/sip.conf directly.

Even though the Asterisk Base module allows you to edit the files generated by FreePBX, we do not recommend doing that as they are overwritten by FreePBX.

When changes to FreePBX are being submitted it generates its own .conf files. These files can be also uploaded to Odoo (when you go to Server -> Download all conf). Therefore we recommend either disabling .conf files Update totally or setting it to Asterisk -> Odoo value.