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SIP Trunks configuration

A SIP Trunk provides your Asterisk instance with landline/mobile phone access. It can be used either for having only outgoing calls, only incoming calls or both. For incoming calls your trunk provider will provide you with a virtual phone number. When that phone number is called, the call will be automatically redirected to your Asterisk instance and routed according to the rules set up in the Routes.

SIP Trunk templates

Odoo PBX comes out of the box with pre-installed templates for easier configuration of Trunks from Zadarma, OnSIP and Peoplefone. The templates can be applied directly when configuring a Trunk with one of these providers, as well as like a sample configuration when you need to generate own Trunk templates. To access and manage the templates, go to PBX -> Settings -> SIP templates.

SIP Trunk configuration

To access and manage the Trunks, go to PBX -> Applications -> Trunks. A Trunk uses the same configuration options as a Peer. You should ask your Trunking provider to provide you with instructions on setting up the Trunk with Asterisk.

For more complex trunking setups we are providing instructions on setting them up at


Usually you do not set the context field as it is set automatically to trunk’s personal context where its routing is defined according to the trunk’s route groups.

It is possible to set the context to any other value but in this case no route group settings are applied.

If you set a custom context for some reason and afterwhile want to restore the default route groups behavior just clean the context field and save: