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Incoming & Outgoing call routing

Module purpose

The Routes Module includes both routes types: incoming and outgoing (actually incoming/outgoing is just a convention - all calls are incoming for Asterisk). This module tells your Odoopbx which numbers your phones are permitted to call and where to send incoming calls from your SIP Trunks.

Where is this awesome module?

Navigate to PBX -> Applications -> Routes

Configuration Examples

Name: A simple and understandable name that will allow you to quickly determine the purpose of the route. (mandatory)

Groups: Routes can be combined into groups. User gets access to route groups, not specific route. (mandatory)

Destination number: You can specify Destination number you are calling to. For incomind calls this is usually the phone number that is registered with your trunk. Calls routing will be based on the DID number. (mandatory, patterns are allowed)

Prio: Route priority (mandatory, 0 is the highest priority)

Source number: You can specify caller ID number of the person that is calling. Calls routing will be based on the CallerID number. (patterns are allowed)

Type: Choose route type. Nowadays there 4 route types: Extension, Sip Trunk, Block, Dialplan (mandatory)

Record Calls: Check if call recording is required (true/false, default - false.)

Example route screenshot